Her Zombie Soul Was Bared Too

After taking off
Her clothes

In front of
Every Tom, Dick

And Harry
Her zombie soul was

Bared too
Without any conscience

Note: This bitchy, gold-digging, stealing and cheating egotistical slut stupidly calls her body, saggy boobs and abused vagina as her property to cash as an ATM from any stray horny dick out there.

To top it off, she calls this behavior as  “search for true love”. These aliens (totally different from human species) frequent dating sites, bars, schools, restaurants and every imaginable place on this planet Earth.

First, these bitchy sluts acquire this confidence to commit such crimes of heart and soul by either fucking their own shrinks (psychologists), or claiming my tax dollars via state to sponsor her lessons (faking depression) in manipulating and complicating definition of love in her victims’ brains.

Later, when nobody buys her over-sold sob stories, she resorts to becoming militant feminist, fucking with brains of another human gender known as women. Since her definition of womanhood starts and ends with someone having two boobs and a vagina, hence you’d see her spreading her zombie soulful virus amongst totally naive individuals from both genders.

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