To Learn Alphabets And Numerics Of Love

Her cheating on me

Running and hiding

I decided
To learn alphbets

And numerics of love

Prep and Nursery classes
Taught by

A sexy, full-of-life
(real) Woman

Not another

Roadside gold-digging
Street slut

Note: Of course that sexy teacher is “taken” as in already married with kids, etc. But I enjoy learning ABC of everything that this gold-digging, whorish, violent, stealing, hideous, lying and coward slut made me forget just because of one fucking mistake of mine i.e. falling in love with a seemingly broke individual who seemed to never had been given a chance by anybody. Her sob stories were totally farce but the way she told them by spreading her legs and taking her clothes off, were convincing enough to fuck her five times a day until she ran with my money, gadgets, spreading lies about me and hiding till this date.

They say, breaking someone’s heart can make one forget every type of education they have had. I TOTALLY believe that since I am learning everything from scratch despite going through all types of complex and advanced education and courses of all sorts.

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