That Cheating Slut’s Forefathers

That cheating slut’s

Were sick
How can I

Blame her
For anything stupid?

Note: Some of these low-life despicable sluts carry their innate evils through their genes. Hence at max, they are only suitable for fucking and forgetting, nothing more than that despite their alligator tears screaming their fake love out of their STD-infested lungs.

How desperately she was trying to mix her messed up genes with mine by trying to have my baby while saying;

“Can I have a baby who looks just like you?”

By that time, that polyamorous slut was pregnant with God knows which drug dealer or some fucking shrink!

Upon hearing her blackmail me by threatening to feed that poor child (to whoever it belonged) with pork, alcohol or turning him/her into as promiscuous as herself, I gave a fuck about her when she actually aborted (a.k.a murdered) that innocent life using my debit card drawn on her name. Her broke, depressed and cheating ass used to live off me, in my home, driving my car and using my money.

That’s as far as my charity could go. And I know very well where to draw my lines.

Such hideous, deceptive and philosophically/spiritually messed up sluts have flooded dating sites. Beware of them!

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