Starting A Relationship With A Woman As A Pet

Relationship experts say that before having a relationship with a human, first adopt a cat or a dog as your pet. Unfortunately, my first and last pet (to this date) was and still is lifeless machines i.e. computers. Totally allergic to any animals out there (excluding humanimals), I think I need to first connect to the human side of myself after so many years of disciplined study and excelling (succeeding) in my profession. Only afterwards, I may be able to adopt a human as a pet since I may never adopt any of those furry, yukky animals out there who don’t undestand my language, nor belong to the same specie i.e. humans.

I have seen that pets need to be sheltered, fed and spoiled. Hence, I will have to be frank with this human pet about my expectations i.e. not falling in love with each other since its a temporary relationship that will be over once I have gotton to know another human outside of myself, with her help of course.

How long will that go and/or how will that become a reality, it has yet to be seen. Until then, I would leave you with this very interesting video;

And another one….

and this…
and this….

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