I Will Tear Apart Such A Forgetful Heart


English Lyrics:

If money could buy you
I won’t leave
Tiny cloth unsold
Back home

If my tears could
Make you happy
I would lose eyesight
Crying for you

This crazy heart has
Fallen in love with you
I will never leave
Your side my love

Lest for a tiny moment
I forget your memory
I will tear apart
Such a forgetful heart

Punjabi Lyrics:

Sain tu paisiyan naaal jo mil jawain
Main ghar wich leer na chaddan

Mere rowanar tay jay tu raazi ayen
Me akh wich neet na chaddan

Ik pal teri yaad bhulaye ta sahi
Ais dil nu cheer na chaddan


Anonymous Punjabi poet “Tauqeer”

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