Heartbroken Writer And Poet Alfa Holden

After machines, I have been lately interested in another complex type of machine called “humans”. I happen to be one of them, and strangely I never took my own body, soul and whatever the heck others call in-between that seriously like doctors or surgeons do. I am more like a surgeon or a doctor of lifeless machines i.e. robots and artificially intelligent beings who are still far far away from my specie i.e. humans.

I happen to be a male when I could easily be born as a female too. Who decided that? I have no clue. All I know is that Hollywood is full of movies and so is Disney with the cartoons trying to sell us Cinderella stories (via romance) since our childhood. It goes like this. There is a male and then there is a female. They have strangely different bodies and they act differently i.e. machoism and feminism. One fine day, two totally stranger individuals (in male and female bodies) come together and start having sex, kids, home, fights, breakups, move-on’s, more break-ups and blah blah blah.

Now imagine the whole human literature of thousands of years old based on the “Cinderella Story” like narrated above. Everything humans do, it revolves around relationships borne out of their opposite sex mindset. I was thinking on the same lines when I stumbled upon this random quote by some random poet(ess);

“You are not disposable. I know you feel that way when people choose to walk out of your life, but their emptiness causes space. And that vacant area of your life is desperately crying out for the one meant to take up residence. Let the angry tenant go. You don’t want someone staying because you’ve begged and pleaded for their occupancy. You want the one who sees your quaking heart and says: “Honey I’m home”.”

― Alfa Holden from Abandoned Breaths

When I searched more about her writings, she turned out to be one of many modern-day broken-hearted individuals from divorce culture that has become too common amongst humans now-a-days that whole industries of movies, literature, poetry, etc have been flourishing and spreading like wild fire.

Probably this (love between total strangers) is another human-invented idea to try to manipulate others or mess with their brains, emotions, etc. Only if today, these humans could stop believing in these made-up Cinderella stories and start acting like a specie, we might one fine day become more prosperous and more successful community like ants. Until then, please STOP believing in any sort of stupid “love” stories and beware when eating pop-corns while watching movies in a cinema with a hot man or a woman by your side who just wants to fuck you, your life, emotions, manipulating via lessons learned from other Ex’s, etc.

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