What Happened To The American Dream?

YouTube Comments

Derris Lie
The more episodes I watch, the more the American Dream feels more like the American Nightmare

Heisei Li
“It’s called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it.” George Carlin

The American Dream died decades ago.

Regan Parenton
That’s correct. A nightmare soon for all of us. Go learn about your future on my channel.

Tory Evans
I love this country, I really do.. but I agree. The American dream was back in the time when you could f*** off from society and just build your own Log Cabin if you felt like it. Now you can’t even fish without paying for a license.

@VectorAlpha the American Dream was propaganda to begin with.

My Take On It

I love to sleep when my tummy is full. And what follows is my awesome-beyond-words dreams that I enjoy to the fullest. Whenever I wake up, I simply follow my heart without ever caring what advice anyone has to give me despite me being all ears to them.

American dream in my humble opinion is at least 200 years old phenomenon where some individuals from almost every nation fled their traditional bounds to live an independent and free life elsewhere i.e. USA. Unfortunately, the same land of freedom has become the only nation with the largest population of incarcerated (imprisoned) individuals with the kind of laws that nobody could imagine in their birthplace nations which they fled originally from.

Thanks to the technology, today’s digital nomads are enjoying the same “American Dream” living in every nook and corner of the planet Earth without having to worry about settling down in one particular nation or lands out there. And many of them (like myself) have actually signed up for colonizing the next planet i.e. Mars. Venus is already full of, you know the aliens (women).

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