Her Eyes Yearning To Belong To Me

She said
“I belong to somebody”

And I was like
You don’t belong

To yourself

Since I could
Easily see

Her eyes yearning
To belong to me

She would be saying

The same words
To another

Fooling her ex(s)

And many many
After me

Note: How desperately I wish her beautiful self could belong to herself, and nobody else. Like that wild flower blooming in the middle of thorns, spreading its beauty and perfume all across the jungles, deserts and oceans.

Its a natural human desire to want something or someone beautiful as his or her own. But then, we are all born to be solo, all by ourselves carrying such naive and innocent wants, desires and needs within our deep selves until we are no more like everyone else before or after us.

Yes, a few moments can become eternally beautiful with the companionship of such an awesome and highly desirable individual. Maybe, those couple of precious moments are the reason we sometimes live such long lives, sometimes beyond 100 years or so. The feeling, the teasing, the desire, maybe that’s the core of this breathing, lively and human existence.

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