Suffer In Silence And Loneliness

There comes
A time

When you thank
The universe

Letting you

Suffer in silence
And loneliness

Instead of being
In a relationship

A stupid cheating slut

Note: This reminds me of a hideous slut who tried to date me via phone, and seeing herself unable to walk over me via words, she said;

“In America, we are used to having men suffer in silence. Be man enough to bear me and not counter-argument with me if you want to have a relationship with me.”

The same woman came to my town after having setup a date to see each other and chose not to meet me by saying this;

“You were my last priority on my visit to your town”.

These retards are aplenty on dating websites and apps, boasting about their needs and wants as if they were some messed up queens. Without any humility, they are only worth fucking for a night or two and then letting them walk away with their tails between their too much fucked legs (and heads).

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