Throwing In The Towel

There is
Only this much

Your soul
And body

Can take
After your red line

Deliberately crossed

Throwing in the towel

Your last loving, caring
And bearing act

Note: There are people who don’t even care about throwing in the towel when it comes to ending a relationship. They simply walk away without even announching, discussing, arguing, or at least giving a reason. By throwing in the towel I mean “ending” a long-term relationship with a stranger who was never yours to begin with. While terminating that relationship, you inform them about the reasons, logics and the past hurts which you allowed your own love to bear. You should be ready to hear their counter-claims no matter how right or wrong they are. Both of you should know why are you guys parting so that there’s nothing else needed to be discussed, or regret later. It is ESSENTIAL for you to move on from one stranger to another.

When it is time to say goodbye, at least say it. I have had people break-up with me over a mere text message, without even picking up the phone to at least tell me the reason. Out of 177 flings, that tiny event was actually the most stupid thing one could do to someone with whom you have ventured upon a life-long relationship based on Cinderella stories being sold via Hollywood movies and romantic novels out there.

Throwing in the towel is like a basic human right that everyone deserves. Indifference belongs to evasive, guilty and totally stupid individuals. At least throw in the towel in however painful way since no walking away or going (growing) apart can be a piece of cake. Two humans who make love from such a close proximity that nobody else ever could in any past, going away is painful beyond words. Nothing, no words, paintings, etc, can ever convey the emotional and spiritual pain that our souls (and bodies) go through during such a tormenting experience.

Gone are the days when people used to not only utter but also walk the talk while saying these words to each other;

Till Death Us Do Part

I take you

to be my life-partner,

to have and to hold

from this day forward;

for better, for worse,

for richer, for poorer,

in sickness and in health,

to love and to cherish,

till death us do part;

These words may sound too sad or depressing, but hope is what keeps us all alive. If one relationship did not work, another will. After 177 flings (not relationships), I can attest to the words that I utter over here as my reality, nobody else’s.

Until I find love, let me be happy with strippers, prostitutes, nude dancers and casual sex with drunk (and depressed) sluts in bars or night clubs.

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