Where To Start?

(A still image from a 2012 movie “Life Of Pi”)

When there are millions of opportunities and possibilities that match your potential, it becomes almost next to impossible to think about the first step to take. According to a Chinese quote;

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

(Chinese proverb from Chapter 64 of the Dao De Jing ascribed to Laozi.)

Okay. Sounds easy provided you know which step to take, when, where and how? There is either too generic advice out there from so-called wise or elder people, or too specific by highly specialized experts on macro levels (not to mention self-professed life coaches) without being able to see the bigger picture. Instead of getting into age-old complicated and still unresolved discussions or questions about finding purpose or existential dilemma, I believe there is a simple first, second and the last step to reach my destiny which I may still not know until I will actually embark on it randomly in any direction.

I was in the middle of fixing computers at my client’s place situated at Disney World in Orlando (Florida) when a very kind lady manager told me after spending an hour or so that Disney had made a movie on my life namely “Life of Pi“;

The exploring nature in my soul is quite normal and understandable. But after decades of highly interesting adventures, work and romantic rendezvous all across the world, I am still wondering about taking the first step towards something new, unknown and totally different from something that I have never experienced, touched or tasted before.

If I disappointed any of you wondering about the same without offering any first step to take, I totally apologize for it since I didn’t mean for Google to send you towards my wanderings about my life, thoughts and/or contemplations. Let’s say I am just like you, wondering about the same, on the same boat like you, headed towards the same unknown destiny, taking random steps being totally confused, etc.

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