After 25 Years, Why is Yahoo still my primary E-mail despite Gmail’s arrival?

Yahoo E-mail ( was my second web-based E-mail address after Hotmail ( back in 1997 when Yahoo Mail was launched. Back in 2009, due to switching from conventional phones to smart Android devices (Droid by Motorola), I was forced to use Gmail (aatayyab@gmail) but it never became my primary E-mail address even though Google had launched it back in 2004.


A whopping difference of free E-mail storage space i.e. Yahoo Mail gives me 1 TB (1,000 GB) while Gmail offers only 15 GB of free space to store my E-mails which can obviously run out within a few years, if not months.

Let me show you the actual screenshots of the E-mail storage used and free resources still left in Yahoo Mail and Google’s Gmail after using it for more than 25 years; (Remember, I’m a geek and I use E-mail far more often than an average user out there);

99.12% of Yahoo Mail Storage Left After 25 Years Of Usage

Ran Out Of Google’s Gmail Space After 13 Years

My Gmail should have stopped working since my free Google account space of 15 GB was already consumed a few years ago. But thanks to a total 36 GB of free space allocated to my combined (Gmail + Drive + Photos) Google One account and couple of bonuses due to being an early and paid user of Google’s other services, I still continue using Gmail being mindful of this space running out in near future. New users hit this 15 GB free space wall very quickly and end up paying for extra Google Drive premium space.


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