Universe Brought Us Closer

Brought us closer

On the same bed
After many random

And still

She chose
Not to enjoy my

Lovey dovey funny moment

Continue living
In her depressed past

And a terribly sad
Near future

Note: She can’t afford a shrink (psychotherapist) like majority of global female population, hence she continues to look for her savior, her hero, by spreading her legs to any random stranger like myself.

And I chose not to convince her for therapies and/or paying for it since life is too short to dance with ugly women, no matter how beautiful they appear from the outside or how my believing self wants to imagine her being beautiful from the inside.

I took care of my emotional wounds caused by cheating violent sluts, gold-diggers and thieves just like how I took shower before fucking this new arrival in my life. Why can’t she cleanse her soul before setting out to meet a total stranger (looking for love) like myself too?

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