Rod of Light

Imagine a human flying in dark space holding onto a rod of light that is powered with force of life. Now imagine billions of humans flying in the same direction together where each of them collide randomly with another human, causing them to lose the grip of that rod of light and fall endlessly. Occasionally such a falling human collides with another causing him or her to lose their grips onto their own rods of light.

Now imagine me increasing the size of my rod of light to help those falling humans so that they can hold onto my rod of light and keep on piercing through this dark space in a lightening speed.

My rod of light may never save billions of those falling, but I may very well save at least one or two, if not hundreds, thousands or millions.

And since my rod of light carries many including me, hence this rod of light is brighter, bigger, wider and far more interesting feat for eyes than those lonely souls holding onto only their own tiny, almost invisible rods of light.

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