Her Vaginal ATM

Her vaginal ATM
Was bad
At any sort of maths
And calculations
Since she asked me
To deduct
1 cent each time
I fucked her
From the gadgets
And money
She stole after
Cheating on me

Note: Like we were together for less than 2 months and even if I fucked her 5 times a day, that’s like 5 cents per day and then $3.00 max TOTAL I could charge her vaginal ATM. But my laptop cost was above $600 and she actually stole more than thousands of dollars in cash when running away from my luxurious aparment with a tail between her fatty legs. Hence, this broke depressed and a leach on her family/state cheating slut was so bad at maths that she doesn’t even remember the dicks that went through her abused vaginal ATM.

Being born with a vagina is enough for some stupids whose only lifetime achievement is narrating made up, fake and totally waco sob stories of how they were fooled in love. This type of total loser bitch is ACTUALLY found in this world and you don’t have to look too far from whereever you are. Just open your love shop and try to look for love and this type of man-eating vaginal ATM’s will start devouring you like piranhas in the river Amazon.

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