Dream Series: Words Written In A Dream

All of my hundreds of flings, wives, girlfriends, one-night stands alongwith their kids who love me to death, they are all gathered around a swimming pool and before even I took their pic via my phone, they all dispersed back to their normal lives.

While talking about the love of one of my hundreds of sons, I point to one of my 2-years old son who is busy in a game arena when a 10 year old pushes him back in the queue. My son starts crying and like a superman I flew, pushing that bully kid a bit and holding my son in my arms. The bully kid started crying and I started consoling him. The bully kid was adamant that we are all animals and I was trying to introduce him to the human side of the same animal. Telling him the reason humans are on the top of the food chain is because humans are far more powerful (intellectually) than any sort of animal out there.

And in the next scene, I am in a hospital caring for a child whose mom and aunt are beautiful beyond words. However, they are both married, with kids. Hence with a broken heart, I sat down in the alley of the same hospital building and wrote these words;

i. Me. Here. She. Irene. There. We met. Made love. Until she left. Me. i . Back to where I was. She’s fucking someone. Leaving me no choice but to wait for a heart attack.

And it does not end here. In the same dream, I post these words on my blog with the saddest movie trailer of a heart-break.

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