Created A New Community On Reddit “womenfoolingmen”

And here’s what I wrote on my first post in the same community;

A gold-digger did a number on me

I was fooled by a woman who projected the same upon me i.e. she thinks I fooled her and actually sent me a song which pretty much said the same thing. I forgot the song’s name just like how (thankfully) I forgot most about her cheating, stealing and violent ass.

If you are also one of those men who have been fooled by cheating sluts and bitches, you’re welcome to post anything. I hate to call them women since real and genuine woman will never fool her man. If you got something interesting, unique or just to vent yourself, you’re totally welcome here. This is not women-bashing community. It’s more like cheating slut/bitch-bashing. Since she fooled me in love, I have become a poet, blogging my poems (and rants) regularly on my own blog at

I am a newbie on reddit, hence I’d love to learn about rules here from you. You’re welcome to guide me into having a funny, purposeful and totally honest conversation about why some of these bitches and sluts fool us men who are merely looking for love despite having a million and one ways to have sex. You know the kind of Romeo-Juliet love? The kind shown in our childhood’s cartoons, Hollywood, etc. Yeah! that one! (shaking my head)

Thanks for your precious time reading it. Have a wonderful day or night wherever you are…


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