During a sunset, on the eve of our last meeting, one of my hundreds of dates, asked me to go on top of the cabin in the jungle and kiss her right before sunset to be remembered as our last kiss goodbye to each other. Since then, my sunsets have never been the same. Just one of thousands of precious moments of “love” collection that my soul carries with itself through these galaxies and beyond. OMG, Kat, you make me think deeper than I should. Where’s my coffee?

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table

Someone asked of me
my definition of love
and I thought about the little things
the random “thinking of you” text
in the middle of the day
the way a stranger throws a lost ball
back to a child
the young woman who buys a coffee
for the veteran sitting alone.

I simply said, “Love is…
putting another’s needs ahead of your own.”

But here, in this cold cut-throat morning
first day of December,
I remember asking him
“What do you consider the five most beautiful things on earth?”
At the top of his list were sunrises.
Every time I witness one
I think of him.
A hundred sunrises came before his answer
and I never gave him a thought
and now he’s so much a part of me
I’ll think of him
see him
feel him
in every sunrise
in every lifetime.
I can think of no better answer

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