Censor Sound or Music in A Video Clip Using Windows Movie Maker

Your Windows 10 or 11 may not have Windows Movie Maker installed by default. First, install it by downloading and clicking only “Movie Maker” in the advanced install options;


Next, download a Censor Beep (or Bleep) audio MP3 file from;


Now, open Windows Movie Maker and add click “Add videos or photos” to import your original video. Now play the video and when you reach the point where the objectionable sound starts, simply click Edit button in the top menu and click split button. Keep playing the video and the point where the objectionable audio finishes, click the Edit –> Split button again.

Let’s remove the objectionable audio from the video file by simply cliking the already splitted video section. Once selected, click Edit –> Video Volume button and take the volume bar to the mute button.

Next, click Home menu and select “Add music” button to import the bleep audio music file we already downloaded from Soundjay. Now, hold your left mouse button on the imported bleep sound and drag-drop it at the beginning of the split section in the movie file. At the end of the music file, right-click and select “Paste”. Keep repeating it until your split video section is filled with the “bleep” music sound.

To crop this video to fit mobile phone screen, click Project menu and select “Standard (4:3)” from Aspect Ratio as below;

To save or export the video file, click File –> Save Movie –> Android Phone (medium);

To crop the video screen, transfer the movie on your phone and install InShot to apply the aspect ratio 16:9 or select TikTok from the options;




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