HTML Anchor Link To Jump To A Specific Part Of A Web Page or A Website

Beginning Anchor Code

<a href="#section-1">Jump to section 1</a> <br />

<a href="#section-2">Jump to section 2</a> <br />

<a href="#section-3">Jump to section 3</a> <br />

Code To Place At The Target Section

<h2 id="section-2">Section 2</h2>

or if you just want to jump at the specific part of a web page without any heading, etc;

<a id="section-2"></a>

Link to another page’ section in the same domain:

<a href="/abc/xyz.html#paragraph">Go to the paragraph section of our XYZ page.</a>

Link to a section on a page on another website:

<a href="">Go to the specific part of the 123 page on our ABC website.</a>

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