Run Multiple Instances Of Same Android Apps On One Phone – Dual Space and Parallel Space

If you wish to run two Gmail, Facebook, Social Media or any apps on the same Android phone, you'd need one of these apps; 1. Parallel Space 2. Dual Space

I Will Say One Thing

I will say one thingShe will fall in loveWith meI will say anotherShe will start hating meAnd no matterHow many timesI try saying or doing thingsIt will be so fucking hardTo make her love meAgain!What the fuck?Note: Trying to please everyone is reserved for politicians, I understood that quite late. Fuck her alongwith her boring … Continue reading I Will Say One Thing

Suffer In Silence And Loneliness

There comesA time When you thankThe universe ForLetting you Suffer in silenceAnd loneliness Instead of beingIn a relationship WithA stupid cheating slut Note: This reminds me of a hideous slut who tried to date me via phone, and seeing herself unable to walk over me via words, she said; "In America, we are used to … Continue reading Suffer In Silence And Loneliness

To Keep A Stock Of Tears

I can onlyShed one tear For youSince I need To keep a stockOf tears For next cheatingSlut That walks inMy life Note: There is only a limited amount of tears you can shed for losers and stupidly cheating individuals out there who can't hold onto relationships. Their brains are fucked for good by only God … Continue reading To Keep A Stock Of Tears

Throwing In The Towel

There isOnly this much Your soulAnd body Can takeAfter your red line IsDeliberately crossed Throwing in the towelIs Your last loving, caringAnd bearing act Note: There are people who don't even care about throwing in the towel when it comes to ending a relationship. They simply walk away without even announching, discussing, arguing, or at … Continue reading Throwing In The Towel