Plethora Of Men And Women

She was only One of those Plethora of men And women Who use their Dicks and vaginas Coupled with Fake Words of love To steal money Note: These broke cowards and hideous gold-diggers can't commit crimes like robbing a bank. Hence their ending up being the lowest forms of human specie that fake love to … Continue reading Plethora Of Men And Women

And The Ending Wonderful

To her Our start was Beautiful But the ending Horrible To me Her start was Deceptive And the ending Wonderful Note: Wonderful in a sense that her own cheating, stealing and lying could not last more than a couple of months with me. Her being secretly on antidepressants might have clouded her brain enough to … Continue reading And The Ending Wonderful


What surprises me most that despite having the attitude of being happy all by yourself, someone comes close to you behind the guise of love and tries his/her level best to turn your happy self into a sad or miserable and/or dark like themselves. Do us happy individuals attract usually that kind of negative individuals or is it just a bad luck of some specific individuals? I will be quite happy with it being bad luck since such dark souls last for a very tiny piece of your lifetime.

Zita's Legacy

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Images That Inspire My Writing

This picture and the other below these words are two of my most favorite pictures that come to my mind whenever I pick up my pen. Of course she has to sit somewhere after standing for too long at a beach. And what else could be a better place than a bench right next to … Continue reading Images That Inspire My Writing