Rod of Light

Imagine a human flying in dark space holding onto a rod of light that is powered with force of life. Now imagine billions of humans flying in the same direction together where each of them collide randomly with another human, causing them to lose the grip of that rod of light and fall endlessly. Occasionally … Continue reading Rod of Light

Where To Start?

(A still image from a 2012 movie "Life Of Pi") When there are millions of opportunities and possibilities that match your potential, it becomes almost next to impossible to think about the first step to take. According to a Chinese quote; A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.(Chinese proverb from Chapter … Continue reading Where To Start?

Let’s Enjoy Each Other’s Dark And Bright Sides I was wondering myself why did he call such an awesome path as "dark" but then I realized that anything unknown can easily be interpreted as "dark" since we can't see the unseen until you have actually seen it. People with eyes can't still see and they might look blind to us. But their … Continue reading Let’s Enjoy Each Other’s Dark And Bright Sides

Humans Entertaining Humans

I am never entertained by any human no matter how funny or depressing he or she is. My basic entertainment comes from being in the middle of a miracle called universe. From there on, I find huge entertainment in my interaction with the elements of nature. For example, before buying Cinderella story and trying to … Continue reading Humans Entertaining Humans

Why Don’t I Forgive Until Asked Specifically

A blogger "Kate" wrote this about forgiving yourself before forgiving others at her blog post "The Naughty and Nice List and how to know if you’re on it or not. Have you ever had that moment where you are thinking about a person or a situation intensely, and then your perspective shifts and the whole … Continue reading Why Don’t I Forgive Until Asked Specifically