Cosmology Of Love

Whenever I interact with anyone, I am mostly focused on what came out of me vis-a-vis how I impacted the other. While talking to someone about sadness between a couple, here are a few words that came to my mind; The reason there are trillions of stars out there is that this universe does not … Continue reading Cosmology Of Love

Navigating Humans And Their Systems

When I was made, I took a careful look at myself afterwards. I was born into humans, looking like a human but my brain did not agree. Especially after I observed every individual around me, from close family to strangers in distant lands. I was and still am, an alien in this human world. There … Continue reading Navigating Humans And Their Systems

NASA Translates Deep Space Image Into Chilling Music The team that created the sonified image explains that the different locations and elements of the image produce different sounds. Stars and compact galaxies are represented by short and clear sounds, while the spiralling galaxies emit more complex, longer notes. Courtesy:

Eco System (open source – free)

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, use the existing systems and apps out there i.e. os (server db, client-web-phone/tablet) file manager search time/calendar (tasks, auto-convert worldwide times in realtime based on GPS, workshops, city events) calculator maps (weather, openmaps, real estate) clock (world, local) browser (desktop themes) notepad (txt, html, doc, pdf, xls, text-to-speech, diary/blog) image … Continue reading Eco System (open source – free)

Mass Murderer Or A Ruler Of Hearts

Back in old days, one could become Ghengiz Khan or Alexander The Great to conquer the world. Today, its the hideous (and secretive) owners of money i.e. Credit Cards, Banks, etc who secretly bathe in their victories over people's lives who are alive like some zombies, not really alive like the ones back in old … Continue reading Mass Murderer Or A Ruler Of Hearts