False Pride Of Forefathers

Personally, I don't like writers trying to make money off others' real-life stories by simply narrating them as their own stories. They are selling books without sharing the revenues with the plight of those directly affected and living characters of the story. This money discussion apart, I have something else to say. But first, read … Continue reading False Pride Of Forefathers

Talking to Strangers may be enjoyed best by having the author talk to you


I am not that much into learning anything about strangers. Especially when they start out like “I think I have seen you before, I can’t remember when and where?“. I wish this was only once or twice on 3 continents. It happened too many times that I started to really wonder if I am the “ULTIMATE” stranger or is he/she?

Minnesota Transplant

True confession: I somehow got subscribed to Audible for a whole year before questioning the money that was being deducted from my bank account. When I figured it out, I had eleven credits to use. I’m too cheap to just let them go, so I scanned the available titles, downloaded eleven books in a half hour and cancelled the subscription.

To wring value out of my lax bookkeeping, I had to create a new habit in order to listen to my library of audio books. Because not listening to them would be almost as wasteful as not downloading them.

Talking to StrangersFortunately, a twenty-hour drive from Texas to Wisconsin was on the calendar. Thus, I found myself listening this past week to Malcolm Gadwell’s Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know.

Was it better than coronavirus coverage on National Public Radio? Infinitely. Was it better than…

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A Writer Sampling Another Writer’s Words

A writer usually forgets another role i.e. a reader. He/she was a reader once upon a time before becoming a writer. Now, things are permanently different for a writer. They can't seem to enjoy someone's creative word without wanting to change, modify it just like a driver who can't bear another driver right next to … Continue reading A Writer Sampling Another Writer’s Words