Singing Tornado Style When you want to sing desperately and all that comes out of your mouth.. is sky falling… stormy clouds forming a tornado around easy listeners. Actually, this is some Indian lady trying her mouth and hands (mostly lungs) at the classical Ghazal or Moghul musical style of signing. At least she is trying. How … Continue reading Singing Tornado Style

Why The Fuck Am I In Love With This Ex Porn Actress? (Turn on English subtitles while watching her video) Its not the usual falling in love with every other pornstar that I am used to while masturbating watching their videos. Her name is Amarna Miller and I am surprised at my ability to remember her name since I am too bad in remembering anyone with … Continue reading Why The Fuck Am I In Love With This Ex Porn Actress?

Karmic energy can be a real bitch

I can’t remember last time when I became an INSTANT fan of someone by meeting them physically or virtually. But this write-up, it cracked me up so much that I feel like signing my “ETERNAL FANDOM” to her. Wendy is so funny, elaborate, detail-oriented and totally engaging with every single word of hers that I wish I had met her. Check out this blog post of hers… (Amir bows to the “mostly” part of this single lady) 🙂

Mostly Single

Do you ever feel that sometimes karma from past lives or even your recent past comes back to haunt you? I wasn’t a terrible person in my youth but I made a lot of bad choices in relationships. But I swear, I’ve paid my karmic debt – but the hits keep coming.

And no, I’m not putting out “negative” vibes to the universe. I’ve actually been working on my health and attitude a lot – I’m in therapy for anxiety. I’m writing almost daily. I meditate with music. I’m getting back into Shamanism. I’m eating healthy and getting daily exercise.

So, what the fuck universe? Can you give me a break already? Because this lack of empathy and “no shits given” from people who hate their jobs – I’m tired of dealing with their fuck ups.

Excuse my language. I’m upset and this is a rant.

I actually hung up…

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She Laughs In The Face Of Someone Who Faints Maj. Gen. James Martin fainted during a press briefing in Pentagon when Gen. Martin and Carol Gleason, the Air Force deputy for budget, were discussing funding for the F-35 fighter jet program, when the general passed out. As he was being led away from the podium, Ms Gleason joked, "That's what an F-35 will … Continue reading She Laughs In The Face Of Someone Who Faints