Intellectual Sparring (Fighting Intellectually)

After reading Sharon's post these thoughts came to my mind; I hate you (your beauty) so much that I want to marry you, making you suffer me for the rest of your life. Beyond sex, I have seen couples married for so long usually fighting intellectually and finding a lot of interesting and romantic … Continue reading Intellectual Sparring (Fighting Intellectually)

Life Goes On

There are couple of thoughts that I want to get off my chest before I start rambling as usual; She will comeClose to youBy saying"You are so beautiful"Only to show youHow ugly you are! And another thought; Before breaking upWith meShe must have hadTo break upWith herselfFirst The first one talks about two strangers who … Continue reading Life Goes On

Having Loved And Lost Having loved and lost is far better than never having tasted this awesome-beyond-words experience of life. These words came to my mind when I saw someone saying this while hearing the above song; "O'God, I pray for nobody to fall in love because its pain (of losing) is too much to bear. And those … Continue reading Having Loved And Lost

One Sided Love – Love Story By Sarah Kuhn

After my first heartbreak (of her cheating on me), I started wondering how do women think when in a romantic relationship. Here's one of the INFJ bloggers (Sarah Kuhn) writing about her love story; "Thinking about him used to be a daily routine for me. I’d wonder what he was doing at the moment, what … Continue reading One Sided Love – Love Story By Sarah Kuhn

Damn You For Being Alone On This Valentine’s Day

By damning these losers, I just made it easy for them to skip reading any further and continue wasting their precious lifetime being confused about love. For the rest of us i.e. loved and the loving ones, we can continue to reflect upon this sad state of (romantic) affairs amongst 7 billion humans. If anyone … Continue reading Damn You For Being Alone On This Valentine’s Day

Why Do I Give A Damn About “Taken” People Faking It?

I have been close to many women who have had boyfriends, husbands, lovers, one-night-stands and what not. And all of them lied about being "taken" or having been in love. None of them had any clue what the heck is love. Maybe for them, love is a mere number but in my dictionary there is … Continue reading Why Do I Give A Damn About “Taken” People Faking It?

She Must Be Not Having Enough Sex

In a shopping mall, I was picking some groceries and a woman in her 30's came so close to me that for a minute I thought there were too many people around her. But when I saw around, others were at least 50 feet from us. I felt a strange attractive aura around her body … Continue reading She Must Be Not Having Enough Sex