Throwing In The Towel

There isOnly this much Your soulAnd body Can takeAfter your red line IsDeliberately crossed Throwing in the towelIs Your last loving, caringAnd bearing act Note: There are people who don't even care about throwing in the towel when it comes to ending a relationship. They simply walk away without even announching, discussing, arguing, or at … Continue reading Throwing In The Towel

Heartbroken Writer And Poet Alfa Holden

After machines, I have been lately interested in another complex type of machine called "humans". I happen to be one of them, and strangely I never took my own body, soul and whatever the heck others call in-between that seriously like doctors or surgeons do. I am more like a surgeon or a doctor of … Continue reading Heartbroken Writer And Poet Alfa Holden

Starting A Relationship With A Woman As A Pet

Relationship experts say that before having a relationship with a human, first adopt a cat or a dog as your pet. Unfortunately, my first and last pet (to this date) was and still is lifeless machines i.e. computers. Totally allergic to any animals out there (excluding humanimals), I think I need to first connect to … Continue reading Starting A Relationship With A Woman As A Pet

Humans Entertaining Humans

I am never entertained by any human no matter how funny or depressing he or she is. My basic entertainment comes from being in the middle of a miracle called universe. From there on, I find huge entertainment in my interaction with the elements of nature. For example, before buying Cinderella story and trying to … Continue reading Humans Entertaining Humans

Libby Saylor – Her Breakup Story

First, let's read a few very interesting lines from her sad breakup blog post; “I don’t want to marry you,” he said to me, shaking and emotional over dinner on Friday, December 3rd, 2021. He had been kinda weird and distant all week, but I didn’t know why. I calmly muttered back, “Do you even … Continue reading Libby Saylor – Her Breakup Story

Messed Up Psychology Of Love And Attachment Seems like a woman wrote this script since she seems to belong to her own invented anxious category and her man clearly seems avoidant (living in a man-cave next to her bedroom) according to "her" opinion. Placing humans in boxes and generalizing them is an art only for fools to enjoy. Please keep my … Continue reading Messed Up Psychology Of Love And Attachment

Any Other Topic Beyond Cheating

Let's say she had not cheated on me and I'd be living a normal life, what else would be I writing about since cheating of a woman seems to be the only boring topic I focus on? I honestly believe the universe wanted me to feel the pain of any poor innocent soul who has … Continue reading Any Other Topic Beyond Cheating

Head-On With My Own Hypocrisy – Sex, Love And Marriage

When I point one finger at a hypocrite slut (with dual-speak), there are already 4 of my own fingers pointing back towards me. Its been bothering me for quite a long time, hence I decided to deal with this inner devil head-on. I am born with a dick just like any woman who is born … Continue reading Head-On With My Own Hypocrisy – Sex, Love And Marriage

Once Upon A Time I Had Children With The Wrong Man – Elisabet Karlsten

I was randomly browsing a blog when I stumbled upon a strangely funny comment on this blog post by a mother; Elisabet Karlsten Once upon a time, I had children with the wrong man. Can you say that? Madeleine Stenberg Yes of course you can ❤ Amir LMFAO!!! Elisabet… that was so funny. There … Continue reading Once Upon A Time I Had Children With The Wrong Man – Elisabet Karlsten