Life Goes On

There are couple of thoughts that I want to get off my chest before I start rambling as usual; She will comeClose to youBy saying"You are so beautiful"Only to show youHow ugly you are! And another thought; Before breaking upWith meShe must have hadTo break upWith herselfFirst The first one talks about two strangers who … Continue reading Life Goes On

Why Do We Break The Heart Of The Ones We Claim To Love?

I know there are a million reasons and excuses for these billions of people to commit this eternally hurtful act. I think we set out to find someone to love and then find this or that lacking in them to leave. Aren't we supposed to complete each other? Like if I lack the ability to … Continue reading Why Do We Break The Heart Of The Ones We Claim To Love?

A Woman Can Be This Cruel

I had only seen one side of a woman i.e. love, until I met this depressed and suicidal bitch. I used to feel so hard to describe what my soul and body went through being with this whore who faked as someone wanting to have a life and family with me. Thankfully, a movie I … Continue reading A Woman Can Be This Cruel

A Pansexual Woman

Why am I not writing about pansexual men? Oh well, I'm not gay in the first place, hence I have no clue (from my own personal experience) what are pansexual men like. However, I have had a huge amount of experience with hundreds of pansexual women in 3 continents over many years. Hence, I'd prefer … Continue reading A Pansexual Woman

A Woman Talking About Disposable (Pump & Dump) Sluts And Whores Courtesy: She operates a YouTube channel with the name NollaGirl504. She has been a substance abuse counselor and a family therapist. This is how she introduces herself on her YouTube channel; I'm a feisty Italian chic from the inner city of New Orleans. I've been married to … Continue reading A Woman Talking About Disposable (Pump & Dump) Sluts And Whores

Why Are Men No More My Audience?

There are currently about 7 billion humans on this planet Earth, including me. Gender-wise, they are mostly classified between males and females. As per my understanding of gender, male is someone who has a dick like me. And a female has no such thing, nothing, nada in there. But she does have boobs that come … Continue reading Why Are Men No More My Audience?

My Philosophy Of Love

Right in the heat of the moment (loving), whatever we do comes natural to us. Sometimes we ourselves don't know who we actually are until we interact with another human via love. None of those "what ifs" or "could've beens" matter long after the love is lost. Because, according to my philosophy, a love that … Continue reading My Philosophy Of Love

Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder Advice by a few 100+ years old people; "We did have problems but we got through them. And I think now-a-days, people give up too easily." "I'm always optimistic and she was always pessimistic. So we got on very well together." "It seems to me that if you are happy, happily married and happily … Continue reading Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder