Throwing In The Towel

There isOnly this much Your soulAnd body Can takeAfter your red line IsDeliberately crossed Throwing in the towelIs Your last loving, caringAnd bearing act Note: There are people who don't even care about throwing in the towel when it comes to ending a relationship. They simply walk away without even announching, discussing, arguing, or at … Continue reading Throwing In The Towel

Heartbroken Writer And Poet Alfa Holden

After machines, I have been lately interested in another complex type of machine called "humans". I happen to be one of them, and strangely I never took my own body, soul and whatever the heck others call in-between that seriously like doctors or surgeons do. I am more like a surgeon or a doctor of … Continue reading Heartbroken Writer And Poet Alfa Holden

Humans Entertaining Humans

I am never entertained by any human no matter how funny or depressing he or she is. My basic entertainment comes from being in the middle of a miracle called universe. From there on, I find huge entertainment in my interaction with the elements of nature. For example, before buying Cinderella story and trying to … Continue reading Humans Entertaining Humans

Any Other Topic Beyond Cheating

Let's say she had not cheated on me and I'd be living a normal life, what else would be I writing about since cheating of a woman seems to be the only boring topic I focus on? I honestly believe the universe wanted me to feel the pain of any poor innocent soul who has … Continue reading Any Other Topic Beyond Cheating

Head-On With My Own Hypocrisy – Sex, Love And Marriage

When I point one finger at a hypocrite slut (with dual-speak), there are already 4 of my own fingers pointing back towards me. Its been bothering me for quite a long time, hence I decided to deal with this inner devil head-on. I am born with a dick just like any woman who is born … Continue reading Head-On With My Own Hypocrisy – Sex, Love And Marriage

Money Worshippers

In those naive moments of mine when I was fucking a hypocrite slut from up-close, I was in for a shocking surprise of a lifetime i.e. cheating, disloyalty, stealing, lying and what not from a (stupidly) daring individual who thought to take advantage of me from this close distance without me ever realizing or ever … Continue reading Money Worshippers

Why Don’t I Forgive Until Asked Specifically

A blogger "Kate" wrote this about forgiving yourself before forgiving others at her blog post "The Naughty and Nice List and how to know if you’re on it or not. Have you ever had that moment where you are thinking about a person or a situation intensely, and then your perspective shifts and the whole … Continue reading Why Don’t I Forgive Until Asked Specifically

Stress Free Music And Scenery Humans At Conflict With Themselves End Up Listening And Watching Humans are the only specie out of millions out there that gets tired of their own specie and sets out to see everything else that is not human or uninhabited by them. This video is one example of many out there. And of course, I should not be mentioning about all types of self-destructive … Continue reading Stress Free Music And Scenery Humans At Conflict With Themselves End Up Listening And Watching

Lucy Holden On Dating

After reading Lucy Holden's article about dating on the daily newspaper "Evening Standard" titled "Mediocre men, catfishing creeps and so-so sex" This is how one of her readers (SwayLee)  reacted in the comments section; What is it that makes all these men "mediocre" in your mind?. Do they all fail to live up to your … Continue reading Lucy Holden On Dating