Dream Series: Words Written In A Dream

All of my hundreds of flings, wives, girlfriends, one-night stands alongwith their kids who love me to death, they are all gathered around a swimming pool and before even I took their pic via my phone, they all dispersed back to their normal lives. While talking about the love of one of my hundreds of … Continue reading Dream Series: Words Written In A Dream

Rod of Light

Imagine a human flying in dark space holding onto a rod of light that is powered with force of life. Now imagine billions of humans flying in the same direction together where each of them collide randomly with another human, causing them to lose the grip of that rod of light and fall endlessly. Occasionally … Continue reading Rod of Light

Where To Start?

(A still image from a 2012 movie "Life Of Pi") When there are millions of opportunities and possibilities that match your potential, it becomes almost next to impossible to think about the first step to take. According to a Chinese quote; A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.(Chinese proverb from Chapter … Continue reading Where To Start?

What Happened To The American Dream?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4qmDnYli2E YouTube Comments Derris LieThe more episodes I watch, the more the American Dream feels more like the American Nightmare Heisei Li"It's called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it." George Carlin VectorAlphaThe American Dream died decades ago. Regan ParentonThat's correct. A nightmare soon for all of us. Go learn about … Continue reading What Happened To The American Dream?

Where Is That Beautiful Woman Today?

During my teenage years, I was attending a family wedding and while sleeping amongst many family members, with half-sleepy eyes, I saw a very beautiful woman throw a blanket on me, keeping me warm through the night. When I woke up, the blanket was still on my body but that woman was not there. This … Continue reading Where Is That Beautiful Woman Today?


I was reading someone's post about not having a purpose. What is a "purpose"? When I look at the nature and the world or universe around me, I don't see anyone or anything planning in advance, doing anything methodically and then making it happen just like how it was supposed to be. Actually anything that … Continue reading Purpose?

Dream Series: A Whisper In Her Ears “Do You Know That I Love You?”

In this dream today, I am in this room full of bloggers. And as usual I am reclining on the bed in my favorite position right next to the most beautiful woman amongst them, another blogger. She likes the bed too as a place to write while the rest of other bloggers are on the … Continue reading Dream Series: A Whisper In Her Ears “Do You Know That I Love You?”

Dream Series: I Kissed Dry Lips Of My Ex

In this dream today I was enjoying chatting and the company of some very awesome people i.e. friends, family and of course many many of my Ex's. We were all together in a room where almost everyone was a couple except me. Suddenly someone broke a news in the room that one of my Ex's … Continue reading Dream Series: I Kissed Dry Lips Of My Ex

Whenever Sleepless

Whenever sleepless, I like to take a walk during the night and like the full moonlight around some water body i.e a lake or an ocean. The serene peace when the whole world is asleep and only I and the whole universe is awake, is amazingly beyond words experience. Sometimes I want to snuggle in … Continue reading Whenever Sleepless

Dream Series: Sonic Pandemic In The Absence Of Love

In this dream, I am in the coldest Siberian town Oymiakon in Russia. I hear a news about a strange pandemic that has something to do with using coins. To see if its true, I went out and saw some people's bodies zipping by me in sonic speed in various directions. Not all of them … Continue reading Dream Series: Sonic Pandemic In The Absence Of Love