True Life

If you are silent you are dead, And if you speak you are dead, So speak and die.” —Assassinated Algerian writer Tahar Djaout And be careful about the ones who use (or abuse) such awesome spirit's works by showcasing them in their own works (literature, arts, video, audio, etc), hence seeking second-grade (actually … Continue reading True Life

If Racism Is Mental Health Issue Then Americans Are Sick Who Elected Trump

Majority of the 327 Million Americans elected a racist president in the shape of Trump. And since The American Psychiatric Association calls racism a mental health sickness, hence most of the Americans are sick. This is what the rest of the world understands about world's (no more sole super-power)  third most populous nation on this … Continue reading If Racism Is Mental Health Issue Then Americans Are Sick Who Elected Trump

I Can Sell Popsicle To Eskimos

Someone who (I believe) still loves me, used to complement me by saying; "You can sell Popsicle to Eskimos". Another one (who hates me to the core of her bones, which is probably the height of someone loving me the most), said the same thing, except in a negative connotative way; "You will always say … Continue reading I Can Sell Popsicle To Eskimos

Another Reason To Be Worried Just In Case You Have None Nuclear Nightmare: Fallout from an India-Pakistan War Nuclear Bombs Country-wise USA 6,185 Russia 6,500 UK 215 France 300 China 290 India 140 Pakistan 150 North Korea 30 Israel 80 Courtesy: Author Richard Rhodes presents a simulation of the potential climate impacts of an India-Pakistan nuclear exchange. The … Continue reading Another Reason To Be Worried Just In Case You Have None

In Person

You can be A horrible person In person All you want But I love Your art   Inspired by: Since the CNN reporter Harmeet Kaur was another (patriotic) Indian (not an honest journalist), hence she did not show the mic of the lady (Ayesha Malik) in the audience being snatched away by the security before … Continue reading In Person

The Difference Every Single One Of Us Can Make To This World

I was watching another sad news story about a slow, yet sure eradication of millions of Chinese Uigheurs' (Turkish) culture and religion i.e. Islam on VICE; When I saw this YouTube commentator (swagy mochi) expressing their sorrow and inability to help the ones in this tragedy through these words; God this is so sad … Continue reading The Difference Every Single One Of Us Can Make To This World

Fearing Social Media?

I took my gloves off only after watching and learning from trolls on Internet for more than 15 years. Before social media, there were all kinds of internet forums, chats, etc. You may say its a long time not succumb to the urge of participating in a discussion freely and openly. And I can't agree … Continue reading Fearing Social Media?

“It appears the page is run by a TERF”

I can totally understand your right and choice to have the identity you want. However, what’s the fuss with all this defending, fighting and arguing? Who are you and what you want to be, should never be none of anybody’s business, let alone their having a fit at your right to your own body, sex, gender, etc. I tried reading and comprehending the need but am still a little baffled at your giving haters this much precious energy of yours. Hugs and love! 👍🌹

Brazen She

It’s amazing how difficult it is to talk about women’s issues.

Today I was outed as a “TERF.”

For those uninitiated, that’s Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

Which is technically true, I suppose. In that I understand that the only thing that makes a person one sex or the other is their anatomy. The rest is all gravy.

I work hard for my bread and don’t have patience for this circus!

Trans Politics Dwell in Hyperbole

I have resisted getting directly involved in the conversation for two reasons:

  1. My focus is women. Not what makes someone a woman or men who want to be women.
  2. I have more important things to do than deal with trans rights activists who are not going to listen to a damn thing I say.

I already lost one old friend over this. A friend who started life as a girl and now lives as a man…

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Majority Of Americans Are Racists – For Proof Listen To Trump

Personally, I like Trump. Especially, after I watched a documentary about his business on YouTube (BBC Documentary on Biography of Donal Trump); However, let's switch from his business to political career. 320 Million Americans are equally divided between two political parties; Democrats Republicans Trump represents Republican party which has almost half of the US … Continue reading Majority Of Americans Are Racists – For Proof Listen To Trump

Patriotic Singing Group Responds to Trump’s “Go Back to Your Country” – Late Night With Seth Meyers Someone on this YouTube video asked; If everyone goes back to his ancestors country ....who is going to stay back in USA ????? My comment/response was; Hyenas... and even they'd have to be imported from Africa. Courtesy: