City Deserted, Paths Deserted, Streets Deserted, Home Deserted – Persian Song (Shahr Kholi) Translated in Urdu And English English translation is coming soon as I try to find time from figuring this man/woman thingy promoted by Cinderella-type movies and literature. Courtesy: Song: Shahreh KhaaliArtist: Hassan ShamaizadehSinger: Nigora Kholova

Just Move: Scientist Author Debunks Myths About Exercise And Sleep

For much of history, human beings needed to be physically active every day in order to hunt or gather food — or to avoid becoming food themselves. It was an active lifestyle, but one thing it didn't include was any kind of formal exercise. Daniel Lieberman is a professor in the department of human evolutionary … Continue reading Just Move: Scientist Author Debunks Myths About Exercise And Sleep

After Coronavirus Now It Is Onions

A salmonella outbreak linked to red onions, first reported at the tail end of July, has expanded to 43 states and Canada, the New York Times reports. As of Sunday, nearly 900 people had fallen ill. There have been no deaths. According to the FDA, the likely source of the outbreak is red onions from … Continue reading After Coronavirus Now It Is Onions

Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder Advice by a few 100+ years old people; "We did have problems but we got through them. And I think now-a-days, people give up too easily." "I'm always optimistic and she was always pessimistic. So we got on very well together." "It seems to me that if you are happy, happily married and happily … Continue reading Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder

Idealism Keeps Growing Inside Me

I have seen people give up too soon or become complacent at best. In their 20's and 30's, I see a lot of their energy and optimism. But the moment their middle age sets in, mostly they start get "settled" for good with whatever, without much plans about future or even for their present. The … Continue reading Idealism Keeps Growing Inside Me

BPD mythbusters #6: Why socialization can be so freakin’ difficult

It is next to impossible for any one to carry a badge or something written on their foreheads that they suffer from a mental health issue known as BPD (bi-polar disorder). Hence healthy people usually mistake them as normal and try to interact normally with BPD-affected ones naively, where it often becomes extremely difficult for both to bear each other. Lesser interaction or actually a recluse type of lifestyle is best suited for  people with BPD.

Midnight Harmony

The desire to be liked, when you often feel unlikeable doesn’t make for a very good starting point for any relationship, whether it be professional, romantic or friendship. For people with BPD, everything in our being cries out: accept me, understand me, love me, help me make the hurt go away. To other people this may come across as being needy, selfish or maybe even, at times, narcissistic.

At the same time, there is the tendency to run away and be away from people as much as possible. Why? For me, socialization is often perplexing beyond all reason and emotionally draining on so many levels. After uncountable failed attempts at successful socialization and so many instances of just getting things completely f*cked up sometimes it’s just easier to avoid people all together. I often find it much more peaceful and satisfying to read a great book or watch a good…

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Intimate Enemy

Remember the 1991 movie "Sleeping With The Enemy"? If not, never mind bothering yourself watching anything since I am going to talk something strange about how human brain operates when in a relationship. Being obsessed with someone and actually in love with someone is obviously two different things and there are women who'd … Continue reading Intimate Enemy