The Equalizer (2014 movie) Joy Division - New Dawn Fades (Lyrics) A change of speed, a change of styleA change of scene, with no regretsA chance to watch, admire the distanceStill occupied, though you forgetDifferent colours, different shadesOver each mistakes were madeI took the blameDirectionless so plain to seeA loaded gun won't set you freeSo … Continue reading The Equalizer (2014 movie)

Sick Man Rapes A Sick Woman – Return To Sender (2015 Movie Review) I don't usually watch messed up movies as I'd quit watching in the middle wherever I can easily guess the yucky end. But it's a Rosamund Pike movie. She is my most favorite actress, and no matter how much a movie plot sucks, I simply cherish every single moment of her beyond-words marvelous acting. … Continue reading Sick Man Rapes A Sick Woman – Return To Sender (2015 Movie Review)

Bob Odenkirk Filmography – Movies

YearTitleRoleNotes1993Wayne's World 2Concert Nerd1994Clean SlateCop1996The Truth About Cats & DogsBookstore ManThe Cable GuySteven's BrotherWaiting for GuffmanCaped Man at AuditionDeleted scene1997HacksCellmate1999Can't Stop DancingSimpson2000The IndependentFigure2001Dr. Dolittle 2Animal Groupie #4Forest Animal/DogVoiceMonkeyboneHead Surgeon2002Run Ronnie Run!Terry Twillstein/VariousAlso writer2003Melvin Goes to DinnerKeithAlso director2004My Big Fat Independent MovieSteve2005Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is MagicManagerCake BoyDarnell Hawk2006Danny Roane: First Time DirectorPete KesselmenRelative StrangersMitch ClaytonLet's Go … Continue reading Bob Odenkirk Filmography – Movies

Created A New Community On Reddit “womenfoolingmen” And here's what I wrote on my first post in the same community; A gold-digger did a number on me I was fooled by a woman who projected the same upon me i.e. she thinks I fooled her and actually sent me a song which pretty much said the same thing. I forgot the … Continue reading Created A New Community On Reddit “womenfoolingmen”