Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder Advice by a few 100+ years old people; "We did have problems but we got through them. And I think now-a-days, people give up too easily." "I'm always optimistic and she was always pessimistic. So we got on very well together." "It seems to me that if you are happy, happily married and happily … Continue reading Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder

Navigating Humans And Their Systems

When I was made, I took a careful look at myself afterwards. I was born into humans, looking like a human but my brain did not agree. Especially after I observed every individual around me, from close family to strangers in distant lands. I was and still am, an alien in this human world. There … Continue reading Navigating Humans And Their Systems

Every day doesn’t have to sound a certain way.

Over the years, I have trained my brain to listen to more how I feel over whatever is being said on the other side by whoever. My own voice is louder in my head than the the noise coming from outside of me. And whenever the other needs to hear, I simply pain my lips and tongue a little to whatever is going on in my head long before they opened their mouths. At times, I want to laugh out loud at seeing the “SHOCKED” look on their faces. Sometimes, being a little ass-hole is better for your sanity 🙂 LOL



I feel tired of having to be this person that others think I am.

There’s something that seems to have been learned in me that says – don’t call anyone unless you are in a good mood. And if they call you, make sure you sound happy so you can make them happy.

Oh it can be exhausting at times. And honestly when I am just being in my energy by myself, I don’t really notice if it’s happy, sad or what. It just is. No time, no space, no judgement… just awareness and presence.

I love the time I have by myself. And I love the sound of my voice when I am just talking to myself. I love when I can recognize that it’s me.

The second another person comes into the picture it’s this game of navigation and awareness and energy reading. I am here for it…

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You And I

I am usually frugal with words since there is only this much you can talk to yourself. Its not because I don't have audience already. Actually, I have to sneak into an unknown place (unknown even to myself which is strange) to find these "me" moments to talk to myself. However, lately I have been … Continue reading You And I

Get Ready To Die Or Plan Next Five Years Living In Fear Of Pandemic

Spanish flu's experience of hundreds of millions dead a century ago and its continuing mayhem for many more years shows what lies ahead of us from this year 2020 to 2025. My worst case scenario prediction is at least a billion people dying amongst us during the next 5 years. How? Two to three years … Continue reading Get Ready To Die Or Plan Next Five Years Living In Fear Of Pandemic

The Great Realisation – A Must Watch

Thousands of years of human history and civilizations have proven that we learn nothing from our mistakes or from disasters. After this is over, we’d all happily and forgetfully go back to our self-destructive selves and no one will remember nothing.

Individually and collectively, we have a very short memory. Virus or no virus, we’d all still go back to the self-destructive ways lead by greed. And there is nothing fortunate or unfortunate about it. No matter how much humans try to destroy planet Earth or the nature (and/or universe), it is still far far bigger and stronger than our wildest imagination.

Those of us who are aware are stopped by the ignorant right in the middle of us. And for those ignorant find some of us like the one hopeful in this video a great hurdle towards their prophecies of gloom and doom.

It would be interesting to see who wins at the end (of us)?

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I Don’t Know Anything

I am always humbled by those genuine and sincere learners who admit knowing nothing. Today I stumbled upon an Alice cartoon image which inspired me to write on this subject of not knowing anything. Here's what is written in this Alice's story; “One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a … Continue reading I Don’t Know Anything

Favorite Links Browser Bar Represents Our Online Personality

In Chrome browser, I have marked some websites as my favorite links which appear on the top of the screen; Yahoo Mail Gmail Contacts via Google Voicemail and SMS checking via Google Voice Blog (Notes) Pixabay - free images Google Drive to save documents online Calendar - Google Whatsapp Web Personal Photos - Google … Continue reading Favorite Links Browser Bar Represents Our Online Personality

If Humans Are Not Toys Then What Are They?

Let's suppose you are born to a woman who is regarded as a man-eater. Or worse, a prostitute. She has always been played with, hence she plays them in return. Coming from such a woman, would you ever want to take any human seriously, compassionately, etc.? Of course not. No matter how big of a … Continue reading If Humans Are Not Toys Then What Are They?