Life Goes On

There are couple of thoughts that I want to get off my chest before I start rambling as usual; She will comeClose to youBy saying"You are so beautiful"Only to show youHow ugly you are! And another thought; Before breaking upWith meShe must have hadTo break upWith herselfFirst The first one talks about two strangers who … Continue reading Life Goes On

My Words Gave Birth To This Deep Reflection By Eleonora Zizzi

Eleonora Zizzi is an insightful and a very interesting blogger ( from Italy who recently found my blog. Upon seeing two of my poems at "In The Middle Of A Funeral" and "She Fears Every Positive Word", Eleonora commented with these awesome-beyond-words; Sometimes love can be ruthless and cruel, so much so that you love … Continue reading My Words Gave Birth To This Deep Reflection By Eleonora Zizzi

Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder Advice by a few 100+ years old people; "We did have problems but we got through them. And I think now-a-days, people give up too easily." "I'm always optimistic and she was always pessimistic. So we got on very well together." "It seems to me that if you are happy, happily married and happily … Continue reading Keep Right On The End Of The Road – Harry Lauder

Idealism Keeps Growing Inside Me

I have seen people give up too soon or become complacent at best. In their 20's and 30's, I see a lot of their energy and optimism. But the moment their middle age sets in, mostly they start get "settled" for good with whatever, without much plans about future or even for their present. The … Continue reading Idealism Keeps Growing Inside Me

Fifteen Thousand Blog Posts… and still counting!

There were 10,000 or so blog posts of mine just a few months ago and that number has swelled to almost 15,000!!! I can only expect something like this from someone like myself, not from anybody from this planet Earth or any other alien life-forms in this universe. Just in case if anyone is wondering, … Continue reading Fifteen Thousand Blog Posts… and still counting!

Every day doesn’t have to sound a certain way.

Over the years, I have trained my brain to listen to more how I feel over whatever is being said on the other side by whoever. My own voice is louder in my head than the the noise coming from outside of me. And whenever the other needs to hear, I simply pain my lips and tongue a little to whatever is going on in my head long before they opened their mouths. At times, I want to laugh out loud at seeing the “SHOCKED” look on their faces. Sometimes, being a little ass-hole is better for your sanity 🙂 LOL



I feel tired of having to be this person that others think I am.

There’s something that seems to have been learned in me that says – don’t call anyone unless you are in a good mood. And if they call you, make sure you sound happy so you can make them happy.

Oh it can be exhausting at times. And honestly when I am just being in my energy by myself, I don’t really notice if it’s happy, sad or what. It just is. No time, no space, no judgement… just awareness and presence.

I love the time I have by myself. And I love the sound of my voice when I am just talking to myself. I love when I can recognize that it’s me.

The second another person comes into the picture it’s this game of navigation and awareness and energy reading. I am here for it…

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Stupid Cops Of America

When I am in the uniform of a cop, I'm not only representing the corrupt govt but also offering my life as a sacrificial goat who has no idea who he/she is representing. Being such a blind fool in revolutionary times like these are only going to create more tragedies. Instead of protecting the government, … Continue reading Stupid Cops Of America

Intimate Enemy

Remember the 1991 movie "Sleeping With The Enemy"? If not, never mind bothering yourself watching anything since I am going to talk something strange about how human brain operates when in a relationship. Being obsessed with someone and actually in love with someone is obviously two different things and there are women who'd … Continue reading Intimate Enemy

My Conversation With A Beautiful Mind

She I find comfort in believing my loved one is at peace now ❤ That’s what keeps me going. Me You and I were in the ultimate peace before being born into this strange world (its messed up and at the same time beautiful too). And we’d go back to the same peace like your … Continue reading My Conversation With A Beautiful Mind

Get Ready To Die Or Plan Next Five Years Living In Fear Of Pandemic

Spanish flu's experience of hundreds of millions dead a century ago and its continuing mayhem for many more years shows what lies ahead of us from this year 2020 to 2025. My worst case scenario prediction is at least a billion people dying amongst us during the next 5 years. How? Two to three years … Continue reading Get Ready To Die Or Plan Next Five Years Living In Fear Of Pandemic