Why Can’t 8 Billion Humans Produce A Single Human Being Capable of Intelligently Leading Self-destructive Governments Towards Global Peace And Prosperity?

Pakistan is paying the price for being an American stooge for decades, destroying peace in Afghanistan. Now, its the turn of Pakistan to bleed itself. A neighboring country (i.e. Pakistan) burning in civil war is like a tiny flame ready to ignite Indian minorities (i.e. Muslims) who are being persecuted by racist Modi BJP-led government … Continue reading Why Can’t 8 Billion Humans Produce A Single Human Being Capable of Intelligently Leading Self-destructive Governments Towards Global Peace And Prosperity?


Did i hear correctly?! You're talking about British Capital, that invaded Ireland and tortured Irish people, that capital that colonised Africa and India, had slavery, military alliances with NATO 26 countries that earn money on wars in Middle East, that capital which after each invasion brought the exhibits for their so-called world museums, that country … Continue reading London

Rod of Light

Imagine a human flying in dark space holding onto a rod of light that is powered with force of life. Now imagine billions of humans flying in the same direction together where each of them collide randomly with another human, causing them to lose the grip of that rod of light and fall endlessly. Occasionally … Continue reading Rod of Light

Where To Start?

(A still image from a 2012 movie "Life Of Pi") When there are millions of opportunities and possibilities that match your potential, it becomes almost next to impossible to think about the first step to take. According to a Chinese quote; A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.(Chinese proverb from Chapter … Continue reading Where To Start?

Throwing In The Towel

There isOnly this much Your soulAnd body Can takeAfter your red line IsDeliberately crossed Throwing in the towelIs Your last loving, caringAnd bearing act Note: There are people who don't even care about throwing in the towel when it comes to ending a relationship. They simply walk away without even announching, discussing, arguing, or at … Continue reading Throwing In The Towel

What Happened To The American Dream?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4qmDnYli2E YouTube Comments Derris LieThe more episodes I watch, the more the American Dream feels more like the American Nightmare Heisei Li"It's called the American Dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it." George Carlin VectorAlphaThe American Dream died decades ago. Regan ParentonThat's correct. A nightmare soon for all of us. Go learn about … Continue reading What Happened To The American Dream?

Melanie Podolyak (Melaniya-Mariya Podolyak) – Ukrainian Patriot And Social Activist

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1NCNPazWeI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QD4W-7Ox1GA The political mistake of trying to lure Ukraine towards NATO is going to cost Biden another huge loss in foreign policy after flawed Afghanistan exit debacle. NATO started what Russia will finish and alas, at the cost of innocent civilians and military personnel on Russian/Ukrainian sides when western allies will only be doing … Continue reading Melanie Podolyak (Melaniya-Mariya Podolyak) – Ukrainian Patriot And Social Activist

Humans Entertaining Humans

I am never entertained by any human no matter how funny or depressing he or she is. My basic entertainment comes from being in the middle of a miracle called universe. From there on, I find huge entertainment in my interaction with the elements of nature. For example, before buying Cinderella story and trying to … Continue reading Humans Entertaining Humans

A Question For You

Thousands, if not millions of species on planet Earth live physically in sync with their fellow beings. Why has only one specie (humans) been condemned and forced to live a life of solitude? Pandemic or no pandemic, loneliness seems to be the new religion humans have invented despite a scientifically proven fact that humans are … Continue reading A Question For You