Gathering Clouds From The Ocean Of Tears

Before unleashingTheir unseen AndUnheard hell My storms wereGathering clouds FromThe ocean of tears I had shedAfter fucking All those cheatingBitches Note: Universe vomits out whatever crap you feed it. Karma might very well be a bitch, but wrongs do turn out to be a blessing and actually a push from out of nowhere to unimaginable … Continue reading Gathering Clouds From The Ocean Of Tears

My Heart Complains

There are timesMy heart complains To meFor allowing someone To break itAnd I will remind it SwiftlyAbout the sweet moments It enjoyedWhile in love BeforeFalling out Note: Unfortunately, each time she cheated on me. And I don't want to figure that despicable part of someone (or anyone) out. Before being loyal to me, she has … Continue reading My Heart Complains