In A Parallel Universe

I neverLost her CheatingStealing Hideously deceptiveViolent ass Since she wasNever mine To begin withIt is My heartThat still cries The tears of loveShowering This whole universeAround me Assuring me ofTrue love That I amAnd That there isSomeone Out thereCarrying the same Pain of true loveIn her heart AndShedding tears of LoveRight now Alongwith meIn a … Continue reading In A Parallel Universe

To Learn A Fucking Lesson From A Street Whore

She is bettingOn the time To pass, forgetAnd ignore AndI am betting On the paused momentWhen she kissed me On my neckOut of desperation On our first fuckingDate She leftWith my money And gadgetsCheating on me And I stayedIn that stupid moment Where she fakedLove … and I refuseTo learn a fucking lesson From a … Continue reading To Learn A Fucking Lesson From A Street Whore

Fucking A Depressed Vagina Five Times A Day

Look!Whether she faked love Or notI seriously give A fucking fuck!I just wanted An objectA human An animalA fucking something OrSomebody Out of my ownPrecious self To taste the feeling ofLoving something or someone AndShe offered her Lying, deceptive,Hideously shitty and Broke assDepressed beyond One's imaginationYou can't imagine How it feltFucking a depressed VaginaFive times … Continue reading Fucking A Depressed Vagina Five Times A Day

Her Foolish And Totally Insane Ass

Okay, Okay, OkayI was crazy In loveBut she was CrazierOut of it Faking itThe whole fucking Time with meAnd nobody Let me fuckingRepeat Nobody EVER dareTo tell me She loved meCause Her foolishAnd Totally insane ass(high on drugs, depression, polyamory and every other fucking shit wrong with her) Doesn't have a fucking clueThat There's never … Continue reading Her Foolish And Totally Insane Ass

This Sweet Chest Pain

This sweetChest pain Each timeI think of her It's my heartComplaining "Why the fuckDid you let me Love a sluttyCheating StealingHideously deceptive AndA violent bitch?" Note: I did slap the shit out of her when she unexpectedly hit me. But how come when this low-life, poverty-stricken, white trailer trashy piece of shit whom nobody would … Continue reading This Sweet Chest Pain

Cowards Call Me A Coward

Love makes meCry And thenCowards call me A cowardCrying Like a babyFor a Cheating StealingViolent slut Whom I lovedWith everything Note: And she did admit that no man has ever loved her so much like I did. I think just like all her fake orgasms and false pregnancies, this was just another farce claim to … Continue reading Cowards Call Me A Coward