For Bringing Her Worst Out

She wasNaive to the Worst side ofHerself Instead of beingThankful to me For bringing herWorst out She hates meTill this day Note: Talking about a violent bitch who faked love to come close to me only to show stinky and violent side of hers. I wish there was more than just that attention-seeking gimmick. Just … Continue reading For Bringing Her Worst Out

Her Few Days Old Words

She saidI will go and Fuck hundredsIf I have to Who the fuck are youTo stop me from That?And I could still Vividly rememberHer few days old words SayingYou are the only man Who has loved meThis much Note: She kept cheating on me for 3 months without my knowledge and when I took her … Continue reading Her Few Days Old Words

Kissing Her Lying And Stinky Mouth

This racist andCheating bitch Wanted me to go backTo my country And fuckLoyal women there Instead of herAbused vagina and Kissing herLying and stinky mouth Note: This white trailer trash living off state welfare actually tried to match her forefathers with mine. I mean it was so crazy, I felt what's wrong with my choice … Continue reading Kissing Her Lying And Stinky Mouth