Why Did Obama Disappoint Americans So Much That They Stooped To The Level Of Trump?

And why am I interested more in similar questions than answers? I think I can answer the latter better than the former since it relates to me, myself and Irene. Its considered not nice to answer a question with another question. And honestly speaking, I don't have a clear answer to why Obama is the … Continue reading Why Did Obama Disappoint Americans So Much That They Stooped To The Level Of Trump?

We Are NOT One

Many believe that the philosophy of everything being unique is behind the death and destruction of this world. Hence, they came up with another crazy philosophy i.e. all of us being one. This new philosophy is getting quite popular now-a-days amongst humans and this video explains it better than me wasting more of my breath … Continue reading We Are NOT One

Tit-For-Tat And Unnecessary Battles

A woman cheated on me. I could have kept that knowledge a secret and cheated on her as well. However, that act (of cheating) is so despicable that I would not want that for my worst enemy (luckily I don't have any in this big huge world). Having said that, today in a phone conversation … Continue reading Tit-For-Tat And Unnecessary Battles

A Woman With A Sick Mind

Used to reading a book from cover to cover, I treat online blogs the same way except that I leave comments wherever necessary. On an anonymous woman's blog, I left the same only to hear back this from her; You seem to have a lot of time on your hands to spend on my blog … Continue reading A Woman With A Sick Mind

What Is True (fucking) Love?

Since my (fucking) love was wondering about this question (of true love), I decided to chime on it. True love is NOT someone; who cheats on you who leads you on who is hideous who does not believe in a forever who is not patient enough to wait on her love's "human" issues who advertises … Continue reading What Is True (fucking) Love?

Why Don’t I Include Myself In Your “Us”?

I was asked this interesting question lately which pretty much sounded like this; Why do you call us all "You" and not include yourself in "Us"? Her question made me think and pause. All I could say in shortest possible time was that at the age of 15, I started distancing myself from my surroundings … Continue reading Why Don’t I Include Myself In Your “Us”?

Date A Girl Who Smiles When You Choke Her

From a random Facebook feed, here's what I got; "Date a girl who smiles when you choke her." There was no mention of the author of those words, hence I messaged the profile owner and still waiting on the answer. For now, a few meanings come to my mind whenever reading it; Its about a … Continue reading Date A Girl Who Smiles When You Choke Her