Because I Am A Private Person – What?

Recently I asked an anonymous blogger their reason for being anonymous, and he/she gave me the most stupid reason anyone could think of; Because I am a private person. Seriously? If one cares so much about their privacy, why the heck are they splattering their dicks, vaginas, hearts, kidneys, lungs and what not on Internet … Continue reading Because I Am A Private Person – What?

Anonymity Pisses Me Off

You were born with a beautiful face and given an awesome name. Why are you anonymous? Why aren't you bold, confident and truly proud of the words your soul wears on your body? All these anonymous blogs may very well carry awesome words but why don't you want them to carry your beautiful face, if … Continue reading Anonymity Pisses Me Off

To The Anonymous

Totally respecting your right to privacy or anonymity, it is not for me. I prefer seeing individuals with all of the beauty and/or ugliness they carry. We are all awesome creation of life in this vast universe and no matter how ugly or fearful we think about any aspect of ourselves, I'm sure someone out … Continue reading To The Anonymous