An Unforgettable Beautiful Face

Some faces and picture take your breath away. While randomly browsing, this beautifully innocent-looking picture of a blogger "Samantha" stopped my heart from beating. For a moment, I forgot that I need to breathe too. She seems to have very little make-up but the way her hair is done and that smile makes everything about … Continue reading An Unforgettable Beautiful Face

A Woman Beautiful

Just saw this random picture of Carmen Electra and instantly fell in love with that picture. I can look at that picture with this music running in background for hours. I don't know her but I know the beauty she was born with that made my moments beautiful. Unfortunately her love life seems not … Continue reading A Woman Beautiful

What Makes A Woman Look So Sexy When She Is Reading?

There is something about a beautiful woman reading a book that makes her look so sexy. Especially when she's wearing glasses to hide those beautiful eyes behind. Probably I'm myself a nerd that's why I get attracted to anybody in the opposite gender who is reading anything. Or maybe its just because she's beautiful and … Continue reading What Makes A Woman Look So Sexy When She Is Reading?

Mestiza De Sangley

Mestiza de sangley: a woman of mixed ancestry photographed by a Dutch photographer  Francisco Van Camp in Philippines, circa 1875. Mestiza Sangley-Filipina, a term widely used in the 16th to 19th-century Spanish Philippines to differentiate ethnic Chinese from other types of island mestizos (such as those of mixed Indio and Spanish ancestry, who were much … Continue reading Mestiza De Sangley