A Double-Speaking Poetess – Robyn Marie

While browsing through some blogs, I stumbled upon a gory display of details related to one's own personal life at; https://maybecrazyhelp.com/a-hellish-past-can-still-have-a-heavenly-future-my-personal-journey-in-life I was shocked seeing her wounds out in the open and decided to write a review about it from a critique's point of view on my own blog at; https://aatayyab.wordpress.com/2019/04/20/her-past-a-jerry-springer-show/ Upon seeing my review, … Continue reading A Double-Speaking Poetess – Robyn Marie

Hockey Night – Kat (maralinamara)

I loved her last sentence "As if I have a choice". Just in case, if you are wondering who I am referring to, it was a reblog from a blogger who was complaining about how her husband/boyfriend did not kiss her goodbye or the cat she tried to have affection with, rejected her. Pissed at … Continue reading Hockey Night – Kat (maralinamara)