ERROR: phpMyAdmin Not Working in Vesta CP

After installing Vesta CP, whenever you try to access databases of your server via phpMyAdmin, you may get errors; https://11.121.323.34/phpmyadmin To fix this issue, follow these steps; Login to server as a root via putty / IP address; Change MySQL Root Password sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop sudo mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables & mysql -uroot =================== use mysql; update … Continue reading ERROR: phpMyAdmin Not Working in Vesta CP

Activate Windows 10 Secret God Mode

There are many secret Windows 10 administrative shortcuts that give you more control over your computer than the default Control Panel. Here's how you can activate and access it; On Windows 10 desktop, right-click and create a folder like this; Once a new folder has been created, right-click and select "rename" from the options. Copy … Continue reading Activate Windows 10 Secret God Mode

Switch Internet Connection When Unable To FTP Into A Website Hosted At Amazon LightSail Vesta Hosting Control Panel in CentOS Server

Using my home ISP, whenever I tried to connect to FTP, it did not let me do that. I changed my computer's ISP connection to my cell phone's hot spot (another ISP/telco), it worked. It seems there was an error on my ISP side, not at my server.