The Days Before


I was about to unfollow this blog after reading such a boring post but gave myself a minute to think. Damnit! she’s talking about how “pandemic” struck and changed our lives for good. I think I am having unnecessary urge to cut on my reading sources.

Stories I've Never Told...

On the Wednesday I met my manager for a quick meeting at a coffee house. The place was crowded, but we found some seats near the windows. We pulled out our laptops and talked business.

On the Thursday I went to work at the largest university in my territory. I met with five separate professors in their offices and shook all their hands both when I arrived and when I left.

On the Friday I visited a college. I met with three more professors. I had a short break in my day when I grabbed lunch in the crowded cafeteria, cutting my own pizza, then handing the cutter directly to the girl waiting in line behind me. I sat at a table with several students, so close I could hear their laptops. Then I had coffee with a professor and hugged her goodbye.

That evening I went to a pub…

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A Grim Historical Front Page Of New York Times

Apart from usual publishing, New York Times created a front page on Sunday May 24, 2020, mentioning only the names (with their ages and 1 or 2 word intros) of the 1% coronavirus victims who died in USA without the usual images and graphics that NYT carries on a daily basis; The headline reads; "US … Continue reading A Grim Historical Front Page Of New York Times

Cabin Fever – Waiting To Get Infected

In this pandemic, being restricted to your own apartment and not being able to move around can cause becoming stir-crazy or suffer from cabin fever. One can be easily become irritated when confined without their choice. This happens a lot to people who go to prisons. But for normal law-abiding people, this is a hard … Continue reading Cabin Fever – Waiting To Get Infected

Home Remedy Coronavirus Cure – Self Healing In Isolation And Quarantine

To help your immune system to grow stronger and fight against the disease of Covid-19  (coronavirus) caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, here are some home-based remedies that you can use while in quarantine and isolated form the rest of the world; Warm salt water gargle 3 times Hot water + lemon + honey every morning Vitamin … Continue reading Home Remedy Coronavirus Cure – Self Healing In Isolation And Quarantine