Microcosmic – Maria Gianna Iannucci

I am guilty of doing the same (swiping right) to many, many ladies on dating sites and Maria just made me realize with just a few yet powerful words. The same type of ladies might have swiped right my profile too in return. But one of us can definitely do better like Maria pointed out. … Continue reading Microcosmic – Maria Gianna Iannucci

When A Certified Retard Hides Her Mental Health Issue In A Relationship

On my first date, I met someone very quiet but beautiful. She seemed like interested in me talking and entertaining her. It is only today that I realize that who does not like to be entertained without making an effort? Anyways, our first date ended up with us starting a serious relationship. Or at least … Continue reading When A Certified Retard Hides Her Mental Health Issue In A Relationship

How I Found A Woman For Myself Online

Years back in my office, after I was done checking my E-mail from Yahoo, I saw a small advertisement from Yahoo Personals (a dating site). There were some pretty faces of women on that advertisement. Before I go ahead and tell you what happened after I clicked that ad, let me give you a tiny … Continue reading How I Found A Woman For Myself Online

My Idea Of Getting Married

According to Chinese, I have survived 50 years globe-trotting all by myself. And someone recently whispered in my ears (while I was asleep) that I'd be around for another 50 years. So, I think I have enough time to look for someone, fall in love and then get married. Only fools die young. Don't they … Continue reading My Idea Of Getting Married

Prose Review: Purpose by Sarah G. Woods

Sarah is 24-years old blogger from the same universe and time where I am (metaphorically speaking). A strange pull in her words sort of glued me to my desktop screen for at least a couple of hours to her very few but profoundly written blog posts. A particular blog post of hers (To All Of … Continue reading Prose Review: Purpose by Sarah G. Woods

Definitely Going On A Second Date

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skT4PtxwFaM Full Episode https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6iweuf Courtesy: Channel 4 (UK) First Dates Cecilia Vivek First Dates, C4, series 10, episode 5 S10E05 Aired on May 3, 3018 https://www.realitytitbit.com/shows/dating/first-dates/first-dates-cecilia-fights-with-date- Cecilia West Minster, UK Documentary Researcher for parliament Vivek South London, Business Development Manager