Feminazis Deserve Nazis

She asked for a brawl and you should have given her one by slapping the sh*t out of her in return to her slap, before she opened her mouth with a false charge. Feminazis can only be tamed by Nazis, not by any gentleman behavior you returned her with. Whatever agony you suffer today, the … Continue reading Feminazis Deserve Nazis

Switching genders

At this young age of 48 (almost half a century), I have switched my attention from one gender (males) to another one (females). There are trans-genders too but I have always had more fun with them instead of giving them much attention. When I am done with this new-found gender (of women) in another 50 … Continue reading Switching genders

The Red Pill 2016 Movie Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WMuzhQXJoY Before I even begin to write a review of this documentary / movie, let's give credit to where its truly due; Director: Cassie Jaye Executive Producer: Evan Davies Producers: Nena Jaye, Anna Laclergue, Cassie Jaye Associate Producers: Jake Acer, Paul Cavanaugh, Michael Cernovich, Thomas Ingoglia, Brain and Tanja Snodgrass Director of Photography: Evan Davies … Continue reading The Red Pill 2016 Movie Review