True Life

If you are silent you are dead, And if you speak you are dead, So speak and die.” —Assassinated Algerian writer Tahar Djaout And be careful about the ones who use (or abuse) such awesome spirit's works by showcasing them in their own works (literature, arts, video, audio, etc), hence seeking second-grade (actually … Continue reading True Life

Dulce María – Beautiful Ft. Akon – Lyrics Lyrics: [Akon] When I see you I run out of words to say (oh oh) I wouldn't leave you 'Cause you're that type of girl that make me stay (oh oh) I see the guys tryna' holla Girl I don't wanna bother you 'Cause you're independent and you got my attention Can I be … Continue reading Dulce María – Beautiful Ft. Akon – Lyrics

Freedom To Offend And Hurt

Freedom to offend and hurt behind the guise of freedom of expression is more like a Satanic (evil) work than anything human. You can learn to say the most hurtful thing (as a question to learn) in a respectful way, if you really need to. There is a reason for the importance of a private … Continue reading Freedom To Offend And Hurt

Gender War and #MeToo Movement

Social experiments continue to get ugly by the day to an extent that just by being born into one gender or the other, you are presumed an evil without necessarily having done anything wrong. French parliament has passed a law that puts any man behind bars for 3 years with a 75,000 euros fine for … Continue reading Gender War and #MeToo Movement