Alicia Keys – Underdog (Lyrics) Lyrics: She was walking in the street, looked up and noticed He was nameless, he was homeless She asked him his name and told him what hers was He gave her a story about a life With a glint in his eye and a corner of a smile One conversation, a simple moment The … Continue reading Alicia Keys – Underdog (Lyrics)

I am Thankful

I am thankful for being naive, innocent and (willfully) ignorant to people’s lies, deceptions and hideous selves. This keeps me from becoming “them” and leaving this positive view of things (and people) no matter how horrible they are.


It is that time of the year when you see posts about being thankful. I feel it is important to remember your blessings and not just during the holiday season.

Life has many ups and many downs. Look at those silver linings! They’re there!

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Emoji Emoticon or Smiley in

By default, Emoji or emoticon support is turned off in Here's how you can enable happy or sad icons (i.e. 🙂 or 😦 or some other silly ones) in your WordPress blog posts on; Login to and click "My Site" icon on top-left corner of the screen; Next, click "WP-Admin" at the … Continue reading Emoji Emoticon or Smiley in