Separating The Crime From Criminal

Ignoring the ignorant is a traditional wisdom and I am all for that just like many wise individuals. However, I have a "human" eye too which looks at these trolls (doxxers or cyber stalkers) and totally feel that they are reformable criminals just like those behind bars. Our humanity should be able to separate the … Continue reading Separating The Crime From Criminal

Navigating Humans And Their Systems

When I was made, I took a careful look at myself afterwards. I was born into humans, looking like a human but my brain did not agree. Especially after I observed every individual around me, from close family to strangers in distant lands. I was and still am, an alien in this human world. There … Continue reading Navigating Humans And Their Systems

What Is It Like To Be A Human?

In every single moment of mine, there is so much life happening that I can't find enough time to say more than just a few words at a time. However, its strange that I can still find some time to review others' words. Today, I stumbled upon my own poem labeled "At Times" a few … Continue reading What Is It Like To Be A Human?

Looking For Comrades

Comrades??? ahem ahem ahem... 🙂 I could not come up with a better word since I'm going to talk about things quite similar to how the likes of Che Guevara (a Latin American revolutionist) operated, except mine is more intellectual than anything related to armed struggles since I believe pen (and a mouth) is still … Continue reading Looking For Comrades

Can Science Solve Terrorism?

A "scientifically spiritual" John Horgan interviewing a "political psychologist" John Horgan. Very interesting 🙂 Pls. do read this article on Scientific American magazine's website. Here's my review of this question/answer session between similarly-named intellectuals; The kind of money and blood that is being invested in fighting today's terrorism (yesterday's criminals or freedom fighters), simply blows my … Continue reading Can Science Solve Terrorism?