A Woman Can Break Only A Wimp, Never A Real Man

I stumbled upon this random Facebook post; Men will destroy a female beyond their breaking point and she will still be willing to fix it and hold him down. But once you hurt a man, they give up entirely. Men don't handle it the same way as women. Men are way different than women and … Continue reading A Woman Can Break Only A Wimp, Never A Real Man

This Always Happens – Short Movie Review

https://youtu.be/W7aKzHzfNLs There are so many things wrong in this video that it seems to have been either written/produced by a man-hater or someone who has been recently dumped, hence decided to create some fiction to satisfy him/herself. For example, how is he being an asshole when she started being a bitch by first coming off … Continue reading This Always Happens – Short Movie Review

A Man-Hater’s Meme On Chivalry

WordPress never stops giving me any dull moments despite a few dry spells for weeks, if not months. An anonymous blogger who operates as "blessedwithastar" on here, posted something interesting (the usual man-hating content popular now-a-days on internet) who was treated far better in the first date than I might have. Here's her experience in … Continue reading A Man-Hater’s Meme On Chivalry

Gender War and #MeToo Movement

Social experiments continue to get ugly by the day to an extent that just by being born into one gender or the other, you are presumed an evil without necessarily having done anything wrong. French parliament has passed a law that puts any man behind bars for 3 years with a 75,000 euros fine for … Continue reading Gender War and #MeToo Movement