Exes Can Remarry But Why Is A Space Necessary Before That?

All hope is never lost since I'm a positive person who has never believed in any human being as a born evil. We become what our environment and interactions teach us. All of that can be unlearned and one can not only continue to learn and grow, but rather form ever-lasting relationships too. Since my … Continue reading Exes Can Remarry But Why Is A Space Necessary Before That?

My One Sided Marriage

There are two types of marriages. One is a must i.e. being married to your own self. The other is optional i.e. being married to someone else. As long I am married to myself happily and ever-after, everything I do is perfectly alright. That includes and excludes marriages, divorces, friendships, relationships, etc.

If I get out of my bed, take shower, have a wonderful breakfast and take a stroll outside in lush green park, touching those trees and flowers or leaves. And still, I feel awesome beyond words, I think anyone is welcome to join me in enjoying this beautiful planet together. However, the moment that “anyone” starts becoming meaningless in my happy marriage with my own self, of course one of us has to go.

And since the marriage with my own self is still far more important than anybody or anyone else out there, hence DIVORCE. People may call me jumping to conclusions too early, but all of us have too little time already to enjoy our lives on this beautiful planet Earth. Then why waste it in working things out with people who can’t fix their own lives first before meeting me? It may seem selfish, but in a healthy way imho 🙂

Sweet Ruby Bluez

To deprive yourself of passion is something I have become somewhat of an expert on. I never thought that I would have it in me to sit calmly and allow the tidal wave of nothingness consume me.  To believe the lies or prove them truths is something we all must decide. There are trade offs to everything in life. The question before you is what are you willing to give up to have. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is just me. From what I can see from the inside though it is nothing like what I thought but maybe it is everything that I had expected.

Looking back on my grandparents marriage there is no question there was love there but was there an underlying passion? Hard to say as I only knew them as my grandparents. The two worked hard to contribute to their household. Where one left…

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How Lovingly A Woman Can Kill A Man

I had a close brush with death in the shape of a woman who is perfectly portrayed in a 2017 movie "Phantom Thread". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNsiQMeSvMk Since her (arrival and leaving), I have always believed that if I'd ever die, it will be in the hands of a woman in my sleep. I don't think there is … Continue reading How Lovingly A Woman Can Kill A Man

Cycle Of Marriages And Divorces Between Total Strangers

The concept of marriage is so stupid and totally out of touch with the reality of two completely separate, independent and unique individuals. Actually, both of them are an entity on their own and via this fake concept of marriage, a non-existent bond is created only in their heads. Just look at the intensity of … Continue reading Cycle Of Marriages And Divorces Between Total Strangers

40 Days Love Dare For Atheist Or Agnostic Couples – 2008 Movie Fireproof

There are many atheists and agnostics who might have half-heartedly watched a 2008 movie Fireproof or did not watch it at all just because there were references to God, Jesus, Bible and/or Christianity in there. In my humble opinion, this movie is an artwork and should be viewed separately from its seemingly religious outlook. The … Continue reading 40 Days Love Dare For Atheist Or Agnostic Couples – 2008 Movie Fireproof

My Idea Of Getting Married

According to Chinese, I have survived 50 years globe-trotting all by myself. And someone recently whispered in my ears (while I was asleep) that I'd be around for another 50 years. So, I think I have enough time to look for someone, fall in love and then get married. Only fools die young. Don't they … Continue reading My Idea Of Getting Married