Mental Health Issues As A Cop-out Or An Excuse For Attention-seeking Bitches

Alas, in this short discovery of the blog posts by random stranger women who claim to having gone through therapies and happy pills, I have witnessed many turning out to be totally messed up man-haters than what I had originally thought of them. Oh, well. I can’t imagine her life and the misery she is … Continue reading Mental Health Issues As A Cop-out Or An Excuse For Attention-seeking Bitches

BPD mythbusters #6: Why socialization can be so freakin’ difficult

It is next to impossible for any one to carry a badge or something written on their foreheads that they suffer from a mental health issue known as BPD (bi-polar disorder). Hence healthy people usually mistake them as normal and try to interact normally with BPD-affected ones naively, where it often becomes extremely difficult for both to bear each other. Lesser interaction or actually a recluse type of lifestyle is best suited for  people with BPD.

Midnight Harmony

The desire to be liked, when you often feel unlikeable doesn’t make for a very good starting point for any relationship, whether it be professional, romantic or friendship. For people with BPD, everything in our being cries out: accept me, understand me, love me, help me make the hurt go away. To other people this may come across as being needy, selfish or maybe even, at times, narcissistic.

At the same time, there is the tendency to run away and be away from people as much as possible. Why? For me, socialization is often perplexing beyond all reason and emotionally draining on so many levels. After uncountable failed attempts at successful socialization and so many instances of just getting things completely f*cked up sometimes it’s just easier to avoid people all together. I often find it much more peaceful and satisfying to read a great book or watch a good…

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Have You Contracted Negativity Virus?

If you see someone helping someone by spending their time or money and all you can think is this; This guy is either jobless or is too stupid to waste time and money on other ungrateful people. Then you are one cranky, crabby and a negative individual and you definitely need immediate help.

When A Certified Retard Hides Her Mental Health Issue In A Relationship

On my first date, I met someone very quiet but beautiful. She seemed like interested in me talking and entertaining her. It is only today that I realize that who does not like to be entertained without making an effort? Anyways, our first date ended up with us starting a serious relationship. Or at least … Continue reading When A Certified Retard Hides Her Mental Health Issue In A Relationship

If Racism Is Mental Health Issue Then Americans Are Sick Who Elected Trump

Majority of the 327 Million Americans elected a racist president in the shape of Trump. And since The American Psychiatric Association calls racism a mental health sickness, hence most of the Americans are sick. This is what the rest of the world understands about world's (no more sole super-power)  third most populous nation on this … Continue reading If Racism Is Mental Health Issue Then Americans Are Sick Who Elected Trump

Fearing Social Media?

I took my gloves off only after watching and learning from trolls on Internet for more than 15 years. Before social media, there were all kinds of internet forums, chats, etc. You may say its a long time not succumb to the urge of participating in a discussion freely and openly. And I can't agree … Continue reading Fearing Social Media?

Counselling ethics

I am glad I never became an official counselor. I always stayed a friend in need, or a complete stranger who you will never meet again. Nor, would I ever need to narrate anybody’s situation to anyone since there’s not a lack of stories that my mind can’t cook to convey my point across. With all those strings attached to the counselors now-a-days, I’d NEVER seek one since I’m not allowed to be “human” via those many rules. Hence, I’m happy and perfectly alright with being an “informal” counselor with whom anybody can say anything without any fear or consequences that you listed here.

Being Aware

In this era of technological changes and advancement counselling ethics haven’t changed but have become a challenge and confusing for any counselor.

Starting from the first and most important ethic of counselling, Confidentiality is important as well as a challenge in today’s time because of the way data and confidential information are being kept and can be retrieved or accessed by hacker and every other individual who has some knowledge about technical word.

But now adays confidentiality comes secondary and there are few recent trends which counselors need to keep in mind like

It’s their duty to keep parents informed about what they are doing with their child irrespective of the fact that this might hamper the confidentiality of thesessions.

Duty to warn comes second, whenever a counselor come across any kind of threat to anybody from any of their client or to the client himself then they are…

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How To Identify A Woman With Mental Health Issues

Until you have an interaction (whether virtual or physical), its difficult, if not impossible to tell if one has mental health issues or not. You can be easily fooled via their dating profiles, blogs or Facebook pages into believing that this individual is sane. The other day, I was reading my WordPress feed when I … Continue reading How To Identify A Woman With Mental Health Issues