God Willing – Good Lord Providing

Back in 90's, I had a Swedish boss in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia who asked me to stick to my sales goals. In response, I said "God willing, I will." Upon hearing that, he said; "Of course God will want you to stick to your sales goals too in addition to me. But what about you? … Continue reading God Willing – Good Lord Providing

I Can Sell Popsicle To Eskimos

Someone who (I believe) still loves me, used to complement me by saying; "You can sell Popsicle to Eskimos". Another one (who hates me to the core of her bones, which is probably the height of someone loving me the most), said the same thing, except in a negative connotative way; "You will always say … Continue reading I Can Sell Popsicle To Eskimos

Why Treat An Empath As Your Dustbin?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wN5BqCKO9DY Courtesy: Film by Eleonora Stella Hariyono Oei (She desribes this movie about a guy who loves to take care of others learns that he needs to take care of himself too.) Music by Alia Martin https://twitter.com/@maybecrazyhelp https://twitter.com/i/status/1138233835651551232 https://vimeo.com/264722244